Austin J Blake


To-Do App

A fully functional To-Do List application written in pure Javascript and utilizing LocalStorage
To-Do App

This to-do app isn't flashy, but it's fully functional and holds data through a refresh by taking advantage of LocalStorage.

The logic that went into the pure vanilla Javascript to make this is foundational for building larger, more complex projects.

DOM elements are queried and manipulated-added or removed based on the user's input. This app also features a search option that dynamically filters objects as keypresses are entered. Small but important features are included to ensure an optimal user experience; items entered are stripped of whitespace on either side of the typed entry in order to avoid an extra unseen space(' ' ) from giving inaccurate search results. The contents of the filter box are made to be case insensitive so that capitalization isn't necessary for the user to match the to-do they are looking for.