Austin J Blake


Friend Finder

Simple app showing the power of React using a component to dynamically create elements from JSON data
Friend Finder

This application is simple, but really highlights the power and potential of React.

Placeholder JSON data is fetched from to simulate real users. Unique cards are then dynamically created for each name, all from just a single Card component in my React project. No need to manually add in cards for each user. When the data changes, the appropriate cards are automatically rendered!!

Includes a search field at the top to filter by name. Again React renders the needed components quickly, taking advantage of the library's powerful "state" feature. Pictures for each card are generated using a fun site . Everything is also fully responsive and will shrink and grow the number of cards per line thanks to CSS Flexbox

This app could very easily be extended into a personal address book, or even be used to create an internal employee database. The possibilities are endless, and its all powered by React